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Video Installation

Mighty Women

This project was all about turning sound into vision. So I decided to make a video-installation that is supposed to remind the viewer of a kineteic poster. The video-installation is all about the archetype of the ruler, especially the female ruler. I picked video-material that shows different women. Each of them are mighty in their own special way. Eighther as a politician or as a housewife or something else. The conceptual idea of the installation is the remix of all these different characters through recombining parts of their faces in order to create new faces. In addition the vidoframes that show the faces are meshed up with quotes from the particular women so the installation gets a discursive layer on top. On the left you can see the exibition catalogue which contains a small collection of an infinite amount of recombinations. WATCH HERE!

Responsive Webdesign

Parents Guide

Here's a little project I made at the beginning of 2014. It's a guide for young parents that are scared of their children getting on the wrong track. On the one hand the guide is supposed to serve as a reminder but on the other hand it also has got a calming aspect because it always shows good and bad examples of people involved with different taboo issues.

Poster Design

Bachelor Master

This is the poster I designed for the gratuates' exibition in february 2014. My ambition for this work was not to simply give the exibition a motto that gets illustrated in a random way, but I wanted to make it energetic. So I decided to modify the font in order to get some kind of movement in the letters. I silk-screened the posters with Black and blueish UV-lacquer. Thanks Joachim Herter!

Poster Design

Cut-the-font Poster

Therefore I used quotes from Bertold Brecht's "Three Crown Opera" The Project is all about the broken friendship of Macky Messer and Tiger Brown. Thanx to Joost Bottema who lead the project.

Motion Design

Motion Graphics

I got these tasty gif-animations out of Joost Bottema's "Text/Icon"-Project at the beginning of year 2013. It was all about replacing words or even whole sentences by icons created on our own. skip to the whole project!

Book Design

Characters of Kabel

Is a book I designed, printed and binded. It's all about the font "Kabel" which was designed in 1928 by Rudolf Koch In different chapters I investigated the font and discovered some interesting aspects about it. For the design I used a strictly set grid system. Thanx to the great Ina Bauer who lead the project. Just swipe through the images to get a hint of what the book contents!

Logo Design

loads of logos

Logo design is one of my passions. I'm always happy when people come to me and ask for a logo. On the left you can see a small collection of logos I designed for special people, small companies, or just for fun. I always take care that the forms and shapes are kept simple. As Kurt Weidemann said: "A logo has to be simple enough to be drawn in the sand".

Book Design

& Kognition

The book was an exercise to learn basic rules about book-design. I applied a grid system and mixed up text and images that were all about "Kognition" Thank you, Peter Phillip Wahl!


Blue 'n white

In this project we had to do a fashion-shooting. The task was to stage the "white T-shirt" and the "blue Jeans" under the motto "Jetset". So I tried to do a mesh-up of model-based photos and kind of Jetset-flavor photos. Thanx to Bernadette Wolbring who led the project!

Poster Design

Ultra High Definition

Here are four posters me and my team created for the "Ringvorlesung" at Merz Akademie Stuttgart. The Posters originally are printed with silver and golden color. Check it out at merz-akademie.de!

Motion Design

Audio Video Show

In this one-week-project we set up an Audio/Video-Show. That means we created not only Visual footage (Adobe After Effects) but we also created the sound (Ableton). In the end we made the visuals go together with the sound by influencing them through Realtime-Visualization Software (Derrivative Touch Designer) and Interface-Programming (Touch OSC). Finally all that stuff could be controlled with the iPad. Big thanks to Alexander K├Ânig who led the project.

curriculum vitae

Ladies &

I grew up in a small village in southern Germany. As the son of an industrial designer and an arts teacher I've always been confronted with arts and design. So I developed a faible for letters and drawings already in my early years. In october 2011 I started studying 'Visual Communications' at Merz Akademie Stuttgart. I've already got a couple of experiences in working professionally as a freelancer. In my private work I always try to keep an edgy personal style that distinguishes from the mass. My newest passion besides classic Graphic Design is Web Design and Development. That's why I created my Online-Portfolio on my own. I hope you enjoyed my portfolio which comprises not only works from my studies but also private works.